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DIY Wiring Harness Installation

I built this car from pretty much just the body. I made my own wiring harness first run through. I added all kinds of after-though circuits and also ran a dedicated ground wire, from the back and spliced into it.

Overall, it worked, but it was one of those things that i was never happy with how it looked. After it came off the road one season, i decided to buy a generic 21 circuit kit and redo the who thing.

The kit was designed for hot rods with an upfront engine. It did however have the mini blade fuses and high quality wires that are labelled every 4".

This required me to pretty much undo the wiring harness, ignore the instructions and redo the circuits to fit my car, electronics and layout. I took this opportunity to also change a few ircuits to constant power from switched in the fuse box.

Anyway - here are some pictures of the install.

I ran the harness down the other side of the car and moved the fuse box. This allowed to undo the old one at the same time as redoing the new one (but much cleaner).

Ended up giving this away to a happy replica owner.

Plug is for my suitcase stereo :)

Heated seats, air compressor, headlight / fog light relays, hidden shift lights, gas heater controls, defroster (don't really drive this in the winter, but needed it for inspection), arm and A/F wiring all neatly hidden away now with zip ties evenly (/anal-y) spaced

all done! (and done right.)